The Financial Toxicity of Cancer

  • The Financial Toxicity of Cancer - One often overlooked side effect of cancer care is one that doesn’t affect your health, but rather your finances. Due to the diversity of health insurance plans, doctors may not always know the high costs associated with certain treatments when they prescribe them, and the impact it could have on the patient’s quality of life and the delivery of the highest quality care.  However, there are recent initiatives that encourage doctors to be more aware of these issues, and track financial consequences of treatments the way they track the treatment’s effect on patients’ health.

    One thing patients can do to help their physicians learn about financial toxicities is to participate in the new registry system that’s been created on the Cost of Cancer Care website.  You can look at treatment specific resources and the foundations and organizations that can help you if you are experiencing financial difficulties.  Additionally, you can fill out the brief questionnaire and volunteer to participate in the registry research study so more can be known about the financial toxicity of treatments. The IMF is working to help reduce the out-of-pocket costs to patients for oral anticancer medications through their efforts on HR 2739 and S 1566, the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act. If you haven’t already emailed your US Senator or Representative, please do so TODAY!